About MSS

Who we are

MSS Medical is committed to providing our customers with a consistent supply of the products their business relies on to ensure the health and safety of their employees and patients. We strive to provide your business with the customer service, on time fulfillment and logistics, strategic supply optimization, and the reliability you need from your supply chain to succeed.

We pride ourselves in our resolve and ability to provide continuous supplies and services to both our smallest clinics and our largest customers through the hardest of times. Born in the midst of a global supply chain collapse caused by COVID-19 and the unethical allocation of supplies to the highest bidder or largest customer, we have and will continue to provide ethical pricing, a reliable source of medical supplies, and creative solutions to assist each of our valued customers and contribute to a more stable global supply chain.

Where we began

Originally named Mask Shortage Solution, MSS Medical was started by founder and owner Josh Taylor as a way to provide relief to our frontline as they desperately struggled to find the personal protective equipment they needed. After seeing our frontline be forced into sketchy back alley deals, where predatory capitalist criminals charged $12.00-$15.00 for single particulate respirators, Taylor felt called to action. After connecting with his business partners and factory contacts abroad, he was able to begin building a new supply chain and start helping individual healthcare workers, and struggling communities like the Navajo nation, access low-cost and donated PPEs.

As of October 2020, he has helped facilitate the sale of over 1 million NIOSH N95 respirators, is working with domestic partners to import millions of boxes of nitrile exam gloves weekly, and will soon be releasing a new line of particulate respirators (NIOSH and FDA 510k pending).