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About us

Mask Shortage Solution is a company dedicated to the sourcing, distribution, and ethical sale of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and other medical supplies. Our mission is to provide vital PPE supplies to high-risk areas for both professional and personal use to help solve this PPE shortage crisis.

Our success is completely reliant on the donations and supply orders made by people like you. So, thanks!

About Us

In 2017, I started a business online that sold products I designed to music festival goers. I manufactured these products using a factory in China and over the last few years have developed the skills and knowledge of how to run an online business and sell products online.

Since December, I have watched the COVID-19 spread around the world and mercilessly take thousands of innocent lives. I have felt completely helpless for months as I heard first hand from people in China how devastating it was and watched it bring many nations to their knees. The economic impact on China this January caused the business venture I was starting to fail before it could start due to factory closings. Fast forward to March, all music festivals were canceled due to COVID-19 and this time, I was forced my close my business that I had worked on for years. It was my baby.

Then, I heard about the massive shortage of N95 masks and other essential Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) that would leave our doctors, nurses, first responders, and our nation exposed to the dangers of this pandemic. When I learned that our government would take up to 18 months to provide a small portion of the needed PPE for those that would soon be taking care of us and our loved ones, I knew I had to do something.

I desperately hunted for companies and people willing to sell wholesale quantities and had someone make me an offer. They said the minimum order was one million masks, and wanted six dollars for each N95 3M surgical mask. Just months ago, It would have only cost around one dollar. I cried that night, and I’m crying now as I write this because there are terrible human beings that choose profit over people’s lives and engage in price gouging on medical essentials during a time when thousands have died and the pandemic threatens to kill thousands more. I hate those people.

When I thought of
Mask Shortage Solution I originally planned to wholesale the PPE equipment I found and only work with the hospitals with the worst shortages. I still plan on doing that, but that operation will take a lot of time, and we need to make an impact now! During my search for wholesale suppliers, I found a logistical opportunity to be able to buy and sell medical supplies in smaller quantities, but higher than wholesale prices. Now, we are able to send them direct to those in need quickly through the mail and not slowly by freight, like wholesale.

The mission that began as a way to fix the supply shortage evolved and will now allow us to put price gougers out of business and drive down the artificially inflated prices on masks, gloves, eye wear, sanitizer, and other supplies while moving as many life saving PPE supplies into the USA as possible.

I have set up this website as fast as possible, because we are in a race against the clock and running out of time. I’ve listed these PPE supplies as low as I possibly can, and will continue to lower the prices as I am able to find cheaper suppliers. T
his is just the best way that I could think of how to help as many people as I possibly could. Unlike Jeff Bezos I don’t have the money to fix this problem, but I do have a heart, a brain, and an intense love for the world and I hope that will be enough because it’s all I can give.

Please, help me save lives and make a difference in the world by sharing the solution with everyone you possibly can and by using to donate these life saving masks and PPE supplies to those in need, and the doctors and nurses that could be caring for you and your loved ones very soon.

We can do this, but we can only do this if we work together.

-Josh Taylor